3 Tips On Caring For Your Skin While Losing Weight

3 Tips On Caring For Your Skin While Losing Weight

When it comes to beauty trends, skin care and weight loss are given more importance than just about anything else. Along with hair, most women (and plenty of men) are constantly looking to shed pounds and perfect their skin. Unfortunately, the two don’t always go hand in hand.

In fact, losing weight can lead to significant skin care issues. Some are short term, such as facial breakouts that are inevitable any time you change your diet. Others are going to last, like stretch marks and loose skin.

While you can’t completely avoid all skin problems when losing weight, there are steps you can take to lessen the impact, as well as improve the rate of recovery.

Make sure to consider the following 3 tips.

  1. Lose weight gradually

For some, this will be the easiest tip to follow. You may be struggling to lose any weight, let alone lose it fast. But for many, weight loss happens in spurts. At the beginning, there’s a sudden decline, simply by changing up a few habits. Then there’s a plateau. The cycle goes on, and differs depending on how you’re losing the weight.

This is especially true with fad diets. They measure their worth on how quickly you shed pounds from the start, and not on sustainability. Aside from the consequences the inevitable plateau has on morale, the strategy is bad for the skin. Breakouts are sudden and severe, and stretch marks are unavoidable.

Try finding a weight loss program that takes this into account. Look at reviews to find out which programs advocate for losing weight gradually, rather than in dramatic bursts.

  1. Protect yourself from the sun

One of the more common causes of skin problems during weight loss is actually only indirectly related. You have probably upped your exercise routine, and are therefore spending more time in the sun. And even if you’re using sunblock, your skin will react to new conditions.

Your face is sensitive to what it’s exposed to, and more sun changes everything. Skin problems you had before will no longer haunt you, but will be replaced with entirely new issues.

If you are going to be spending significantly more time in the sun, make sure to adjust your skin care regimen to account for the changes.

  1. Stay away from new “bad habits” 

When you go on a diet, you will inevitably find yourself trying to replace eating (or snacking on certain foods) with other habits. These may include smoking and other unhealthy things.

What you do to your body has an effect on your skin. This is especially true of habits like smoking. You’re doing more harm to yourself by replacing eating with smoking, so rather look for habits that are neutral.

For example, chew gum or play cell phone games. Just don’t replace one bad habit for another!

Stay healthy and stay happy! 🙂

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