GKHair Balancing Shampoo Review

GKHair Balancing Shampoo Review & Swatch-

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I have had Keratin treatment done on my hair for 2-3 times & have been really pleased with the soft, blow-dried & frizz-free effect it gives my usually horribly frizzy hair prone to flyaways & most salons use the GKHair taming system for the treatment. They also have hair care tailor made to cater to all types of keratin treated hair since all these products are free from harsh salts & chemicals, these are always recommended by the salons. I picked up this GKHair Balancing shampoo since I have oily scalp & drier ends.

GKHair Balancing Shampoo Review

GKHair Balancing Shampoo Review

What GKHair Says-

The GKhair Balancing Shampoo for normal to oily hair types gently soothes the hair. It soothes hair and nourishes it with plant extracts. The shampoo has no harsh chemicals like SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), Parabens, Gluten, phthalates or DEA and is recommended to use after a GKhair treatment or GKhair color service. This shampoo for oily hair neutralizes your hair and scalp’s pH+ level and nourishes it. It is a special formulation for oily, greasy hair. The Balancing Shampoo for greasy hair eliminates oil from your hair and moisturizes it to make it soft and shiny. Juvexin® keratin protects and repairs hair from inside out.


GKHair Balancing Shampoo Ingredients

GKHair Balancing Shampoo Ingredients

Price: 22$ in USA & around 1500/- INR in India for 300 ml.

My take on the GKHair Balancing Shampoo-

All the GKHair shampoos come in identical cylindrical, white, sturdy bottles with yellow press-open lids They do come in a couple of different sizes so can be carried along as well. Overall, user friendly & easy to travel with.

GKHair Balancing Shampoo Packaging

GKHair Balancing Shampoo Packaging

The shampoo is pearly white in color with quite a runny consistency & in spite of being sulphate free, I find it quite easy to lather up on my hair & clean my oily scalp. It cleans my hair & scalp completely of all dirt & oil in a single wash but I felt it did leave my hair a bit stripped in the process which means it is a strict no-no for people with normal-dry hair.

GKHair Balancing Shampoo

GKHair Balancing Shampoo

After my hair dries naturally, it feels clean, bouncy & nice but I do need to use a conditioner & serum every time I wash my hair otherwise the ends are too dry I feel. Overall, a good cleansing shampoo for keratin treated hair to cleanse greasy scalp & hair, formulated without nasties.

The shampoo has a mild, sweet & musky smell which is quite nice & it lingers in my hair when I use its matching conditioner.

Pros of the GKHair Balancing Shampoo:

1> Sturdy bottle packaging which is user friendly & comes in different sizes for travelling.

2> The shampoo foams up very well & cleanses hair & scalp properly in a single wash.

3> It did leave my fine hair looking & feeling clean & bouncy.

4> Formulated without harmful chemicals.

5> Safe on chemically treated, sensitive hair.

6> Sweet, musky scent.

Cons of the GKHair Balancing Shampoo:

Did strip my hair a bit.

Swatch of the GKHair Balancing Shampoo-

GKHair Balancing Shampoo Swatch

GKHair Balancing Shampoo Swatch

My Rating: 3.8/5!

Do I recommend the GKHair Balancing Shampoo?

GKHair Balancing Shampoo is a a good cleansing shampoo for oilier hair/scalp types, designed to cleanse properly without stripping color/keratin treatment from the hair & it does live upto its claims. I just have to use a conditioner & serum so that it does not dry my ends out but that is quite okay. I like that it is formulated without harsh chemicals & do recommend if you have chemically treated hair.


Review by- Agni

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