How to Oil your Hair Properly

How to Oil your Hair Properly-

We Indians swear by the “champi”, but same methods don’t work for all, I discovered that the hard way 🙁 Heavy and greasy oiling, overnight, using only coconut oil as it is “most authentic” or “most effective”. I have done it all! Then I gave up oiling all together and then finally learnt what would work most for me and for most of us. I have a fairly oily scalp and dry ends, so will mostly  focus on my hair type, maybe we all can relate to some or the other points listed below. Lets get work ladies!

How to Oil your Hair

How to Oil your Hair


  • Suit yourself: Find a good oil that suits your scalp and hair type: coconut oil for very dry hair, almond for normal hair, olive for strong roots and shine, grapeseed and carrot seed for extra nourishment….etc…etc. Ladies find your type, do a bit of research and you won’t regret it!


  • Clean up: Never do an oiling session on dirty, greasy hair, it will only clog the pores of your scalp, make your hair even more messy, its advisable to wash your hair atleast a day prior to oiling.


  • Warming up: This is necessary, whether you want to heat your oil and then apply or apply and then steam it up, warming up will ensure increased blood flow and facilitates stronger roots.


  • Start at the roots: Do NOT forget to start oiling at the roots, if your scalp is oily already, apply using a cotton ball, so you can apply sparingly, but never skip the roots. That’s where it begins.

  • Massage: Yes! Indulge in the luxury, massage, it releases blood flow and relived stress and nourishes your tresses 😉 Massage atleast for 5-10 mins for best results.


  • Complete care: Apply to the lengths of your hair, but since you have already started at the root, don’t overdo this, apply sparingly.


  • Leave on: Leave on for at least 30 mins , you may suit yourself and leave overnight or more than 30mins, but remember to stay indoors as you leave on. A GOLDEN RULE!


  • Tie up: Tie your hair up in a loose bun to avoid any dust or particle sticking to the grease.


  • Detangle: Use a wide toothed comb to detangle the hair.


  • Wash off: With a good shampoo, use one which cleanses well, do not pick a moisturizing or milk based shampoo as you want to clean the oil built up well and not build up more of greasiness.


  • After oil treatment: This again is important if you want maximum benefits. You may condition your hair and skip the serum if you have dry hair, or vice versa if you have normal hair. And if you have oily hair, skip conditioner and head to a hair pack of either henna, reetha powder or amla powder. It will nourish your hair and remove excess oil, but remember to not use shampoo to cleanse this pack, you detonate don’t want to strip your scalp and hair of total moisture right?


And now your are good to go girl. Hope you liked this guide and please tell me your comments and feedbacks on this! Happy oiling 🙂


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