Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water Review

Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water Review-

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I  am Totally Addicted to facial mists and use them throughout the day  to freshen up and lightly hydrate my skin . Since I had tried and loved the Juicy Chemistry Rose Water , I purchased this Aloe Vera Water , since it mentioned “Hydrating Toning Most” . . I have finished up the bottle now , so I am sharing my thoughts on it , in my review today..

Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water Review

Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water Review

What Juicy Chemistry Says-

Juicy Chemistry’s Pure Aloe vera distillate is sourced directly from artisanal communities using centuries old traditional extraction methods to bring you the most therapeutic experience in your skin care routine. It helps sooth, refresh, hydrate , refine and rejuvenate your skin.

Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water Benefits

Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water Benefits


100 % Organic Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Hydrosol Water, Steam Distilled

Price: Rs.450 for 100 ml.

My take on the Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water-

The Aloe water Mist comes in a dark colored bottle with a spray dispenser on top , secured by a plastic cap . I like the convenient to use and carry sleek bottle . Thankfully the spray dispenser of this bottle works fine and releases a Nice spray of the Aloe water . As I had mentioned in my last review , I wasn’t happy with the dispenser of the  Rose Water , but this time around I am satisfied with the packaging .

Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water Packaging

Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water Packaging

I had really High Expectations from this Juicy Chemistry Aloe Water since I had totally enjoyed every bit of their Rose Water . Sadly this Aloe Vera water hydrating mist did  nothing at all for my skin . I don’t find it hydrating or refreshing or soothing  on my skin at all . It feels just like spraying plain water on my Face , it’s not even slightly hydrating either .  It does not carry any fragrance or color and is just Clear Watery formula . I have just managed to finish the bottle by using it to mix with my Dry Face Packs/masks .

Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water

Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water

I have tried a few products from Juicy Chemistry before like their Rose water , Soaps ,  Cleanser and Tea Tree and Charcoal mask and none of them has disappointed me . But this Aloe Water just didn’t do anything for my Skin at all , so I would not recommend or repurchase this . I reached  the Juicy Chemistry Customer Service Team since I wasn’t very happy with my purchase and they Claimed it is Very Hydrating and that they are sorry the product didn’t work! I wonder if I have received a bottle from A bad batch or if the Product is originally like this only. If you have used this Mist , do share your experience with me in the comments section below .

Pros of the Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water:

– Contains Organic Aloe Vera Water

-Decent Packaging ; Spray dispenser worked fine

Cons of the Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water:

– Does not Feel Hydrating or soothing or refreshing on my skin

– Expensive since it felt just like Plain water nothing impressive .

My Rating: 1/5!

Do I recommend the Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water?

Juicy Chemistry makes some very Good,  All Natural Skincare products and I have always enjoyed most of the products I have purchased till date . Sadly this Juicy Chemistry Aloe Vera Water didn’t do anything at all for my Skin . I would not recommend this to anyone . I would any day repurchase their Rose Water Mist but this one I am going to skip .


Review by- Nupur

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