Moha Herbal Face Wash Review

Moha Herbal Face Wash Review & Swatch-

This personal care product under the name Moha comes to you from the health and wellness care division of Charak Pharma Pvt. Ltd.   It offers remedies with ancient ayurvedic techniques and therapies.  Ayurveda is known for its healing powers and Charak’s Moha range has a rich concentration of natural, skin friendly herbal actives.

I previously reviewed their fabulous Anti Dandruff Oil and body soap.  Both were extremely good.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Charak personal care products at my chemist the other day and happy to see that they have introduced a face wash, scrub and lip balm as well.  I for one bought all three and will be reviewing them here so keep checking the blog!

Moha Herbal Face Wash Review

Moha Herbal Face Wash Review

What Moha says:

Herbal Face wash is enriched with aloe, cucumber, rose and neem extract which effectively cleanses impurities of skin maintaining its natural moisture. This herbal formulation removes excess oil, brightens and rejuvenates the face, gives soft and glowing complexion.


Moha Herbal Face Wash Ingredients

Moha Herbal Face Wash Ingredients

Price: 130/- INR for 100 ml & 240/- INR for 200 ml.

My take on the Moha Herbal Face Wash-

Now, I for one love their packaging. The recycled paper containers have some seriously gorgeous artwork going on.  The pastel shades are seriously pretty.  So Charak on the whole makes decently affordable products that really seem to last and go a long way.  In this case, the product comes in a rubbery tube that has a flip open top so you don’t have to dip your hands into anything nor unscrew and lose the cover. 

Moha Herbal Face Wash Packaging

Moha Herbal Face Wash Packaging

It foams to a medium consistency. It is not a foaming cleanser

I love the scent of Moha’s face wash.  It smells fruity, fresh and sweet.  If it were perfume it would be a hit. I squeeze out a pea sized amount which is really enough for both the face and the neck.  I find my skin cleansed of dirt and oil but not of make-up.   If I go over my face with a cotton pad that is soaked in toner, the remaining make up comes off. 

My skin does feel fresh and clean immediately but in about 5 minutes I can feel my skin get dry and stretchy.  It feels uncomfortable.  I have to soak my face in moisturizer.

Unfortunately, this face wash is not for me. I tried it out for a week before I gave up on it.  I have sensitive skin and it did not disturb that but the dryness was unbearable.  So for my skin, the face wash was a total miss.

Pros of the Moha Herbal Face Wash:

  • Ayurvedic properties
  • Goodness of aloe, cucumber, rose and neem extract
  • Medium Foam
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Good for oily skin. Will clean but not dry up the skin totally.
  • Tiny bit goes a long way. Good quantity
  • Desi brand
  • Old and reputed pharma brand as well
  • No testing on animals
  • Beautiful and recycled paper packing
  • Extremely affordable
  • Easily available online and at beauty stores and pharmacies

Cons of the Moha Herbal Face Wash:

  • It dries my skin totally. I would not suggest this for those who have dry skin
  • It does not take off all make-up and definitely not waterproof make-up

 Swatch of the Moha Herbal Face Wash-


Moha Herbal Face Wash Swatch

Moha Herbal Face Wash Swatch

My Rating: 2/5!

Do I recommend the Moha Herbal Face Wash?

I would suggest you give this Moha Herbal Face Wash a miss. It is not one of Charak’s finer products.


Review by- Christina

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