Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Review

Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Review & Swatch-

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Over the time because of weather change and to the infinite number of trips that I had in the past few months, my lips starting losing their natural shine. On the top of this, I was facing dry and chapped lips problems too. Due to this condition I was not able to put up any sort of lipsticks. I tried every possible lip balm but all of them showed no significant results. A friend of mine suggested me to try a lip scrub, as it would eliminate all the dry skin and give my lips a smooth texture. So I used my research techniques to look online for the best scrubs available. Finally my search landed on Alana Chocolate Lip Scrub. Today I will be sharing my personal review on this one.

Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Review

Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Review

What Alanna Says-

One lip balm for your lip needs! This sweet scented lip balm with natural ingredients nourishes dry and chappy lips.

  • This sugary textured lip scrub is specifically designed for nourishment and darkness removal.
  • The lush meld of Cocoa powder and Chocolate extracts coupled with Coconut oil is efficient in removing the dead cells.
  • Shea butter helps in retaining lip moisture and avoiding dry skin, making the skin appear rejuvenated. It aids in opening clogged pores and buffing off dead skin.
  • This unique blend of exotic ingredients allows skin regeneration thus increasing production of new cells.
  • Removes grime and dead cells without drying the lips.


Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Ingredients

Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Ingredients

Price: INR 150 for 8 gm.

My take on the Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub-

The lip scrub comes in a tiny transparent jar with a golden lid. The packaging is very cute and easy to carry anywhere. The only problem that I experienced is that you need to be very careful while opening the lid, since the product comes out very fast and it might spill over. I was not aware about it initially which obviously led to a lot of product wastage when I first used it.

Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Packaging

Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Packaging

The product is a raw powder with scrubbing granules present in it. It does not come in any liquidity form but as a powder, which make it a little difficult to use. It is just like using sugar as scrub on your lips! It takes a while to understand how to use this one. Every time I try to exfoliate my lips, most of the product gets washed away. The trick that I used to overcome this problem- toothbrush! YES. I have kept a toothbrush specifically for this scrub. First I transfer the amount of lip scrub I require for one time use on the lid and then with the help of the brush I pick a small amount from it,then I scrub my lips with the help of the brush itself. Bristles present on the brush helps to exfoliate properly and keep the product intact while scrubbing!

The taste of the lip scrub is absolutely chocolatey, provided you don’t want to eat :p I use this lip scrub on alternate days and it has definitely improved the condition of lips. My lips don’t feel dry even after scrubbing and the natural shine is finally coming back. All the hard work utilized while using this product is definitely worth it.

Pros of the Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub:

  1. Completely eliminated the dryness from the first use.
  2. Natural and handmade product.
  3. No irritation or rash observed while using it.
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Travel friendly.

Cons of the Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub:

  1. Gets washed away while exfoliating
  2. Usage this product is difficult.
  3. Product can spill over if it the lid is not opened carefully.

Swatch of the Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub-

Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Swatch

Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub Swatch

My Rating: 3/5!

Do I recommend the Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub?

If we talk about product efficiency then this Alanna Choconutty Lip Scrub is definitely a good buy, since it has natural ingredients and completely handmade. Using the product can be a bit messy but if once you start using it then it becomes an easy task. For me it worked well even at this pocket friendly price, so yes I totally recommend it.


Review by- Rhea Dadra

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