Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette” Review

Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette” Review & Swatch-

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As I mentioned in my earlier review about Stendhal beauty products that I got from Paris, so today I will be reviewing the second shade. For the new readers, Stendhal make products are one of the high end brands in Paris and are exclusively available in the country. French women love to apply lip gloss and this is the reason I suppose that you will find a large variety of lip glosses all through the country! The shade that I will be reviewing today is Noisette.

Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in "Noisette" Review

Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette” Review

What Stendhal Says-

It leaves a very shiny and “non-sticky” film on the lips.

Its formula, containing Nexbase, moisturizes* the lips and smoothes out wrinkles.

With the presence of filters and mica, they are protected against UV rays.

Its “water repellent” ingredients make this lipgloss very long-lasting.

Apply on the lips using the foam tipped applicator alone or over lipstick.

Available in 10 shades.

Radiantly beautiful lips!

* the outer layers of the skin.


Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in "Noisette" Ingredients

Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette” Ingredients

Price: 19,85 € for 15 ml.

My take on the Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette”-

The gloss comes in a transparent cylindrical t be with a gold metallic cap over it. The cap has a long applicator attached whose quality in terms of bristles is very good. The bottle is absolute colorless so one can see the shade as well as the amount of the gloss in it. The whole product comes in a leak proof and sturdy packaging thus making it ideal for travel.

Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in "Noisette" Packaging

Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette” Packaging

The shade is a metallic one, more like hazelnut. It has metallic shine which gives a good party look. This is not a daily wear shade. In fact I think this one is must for all Indian weddings, as the shine it imparts to the lips is excellent. I have myself used this one in four weddings! Everyone actually complimented me on this particular shade and even inquired about it! Sadly it is hard to find in India. With a simple makeup this shade goes well, focusing more on the lips. So for people who are in love with nude face makeup but want something bold for their lips then this is the shade!

The lip gloss is transfer proof and lasts really long (keeping in my mind the duration of Indian weddings).  The quality is really good and lips look fuller and voluminous. It does not make my lips dry but yes can be a bit uncomfortable to wear, especially for people who aren’t used to wearing heavy glosses daily.

Pros of the Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette”:

  1. Does make lips dry.
  2. Transfer proof.
  3. Adds instant metallic shine to the lips.
  4. Lasts long.
  5. Lovely shade for weddings.
  6. Travel friendly.

Cons of the Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette”:

  1. Can be a bit heavy!

Swatch of the Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette”-

Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in "Noisette" Swatch

Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette” Swatch

My Rating: 4.8/5!

Do I recommend the Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette”?

Yes I totally recommend this Stendhal Paris Lipgloss in “Noisette” since this one would definitely suit all skin tones. Metallic colors are showing up in the India market and this one would look amazing!


Review by- Rhea Dadra

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