Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen Review

Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen Review-

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We love pretty smiles and they look amazing in photos! However because of your lifestyle we tend to focus less on our teeth. I heard a lot about Tarte teeth whitening pen. This pen claims to give instant whitening so that we can smile without worrying much about anything. Read on to find out my experience with this one.

Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen Review

Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen Review

What Tarte Cosmetics Says-

What it is:

A bleach-free, vegan teeth whitening pen to help reveal visibly whiter teeth while protecting tooth enamel.

What it is formulated to do:

Strengthen your smile without the icky, bad stuff with this portable vegan teeth whitening pen. It provides an instant brightening boost while helping to protect tooth enamel for a visibly whiter appearance even on sensitive teeth. The soft-bristle brush provides quick and easy, no-mess applications as the whitening gel clings to teeth for 360° effects. With only natural flavors and a patented calcium complex that works to break up dark spots and stains, you’ll get a hint of refreshing mint with each gentle application. Refresh your pearly whites post-gym, post-coffee, or post-wine o’clock without any rinsing or wait time.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

– Parabens

– Phthalates

This product is vegan, dermatologist tested, and is free of triclosan, synthetic fragrances, soy, dairy, and artificial flavors.


-Hydrogen Peroxide: Cosmetic grade whitening agent.

-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate: A patented, vegan-friendly compound to gently enhance whitening effects.

-Neutralizing Complex: Balances pH for a gentle formula.

Water, Glycerin, PEG-400, Hydrogen Peroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Disodium EDTA, Potassium Nitrate, Mentha Pulegium, Sodium Saccharin.

Price: $22 for 4 ml.

My take on the Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen-

The product comes in a very sleek packaging. It has a pen light body which is light blue in color and has cap, which is also of the same shade. Once you open the cap, you can find small bristles that are transparent in color. Most of the whitening teeth products are present as white strips however they turn out to be super messy. Tarte whitening pen has a very unique and user friendly packaging.

Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen Packaging

Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen Packaging

The product as I mentioned has clear gel like color and texture. The taste is somewhat is mint and feels refreshing. I would call it a bad taste since somehow I feel the taste as mint plus some medicine. However it is not uncomfortable or something that you cannot bear!

Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen

Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen

I am using this product for over a month and twice daily. I had stained teeth and I can definitely see some change. I expected immediate results to be honest, unlike the white strips that are available, this pen has a slow action. But seeing the difference in the money, I feel this pen is way better both in terms of money and usability. One more good thing for people who are just one step away from purchasing this- it is absolutely vegan!

Pros of the Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Precise application because of the bristles
  3. Vegan product
  4. Provides observable change
  5. Refreshing taste
  6. Extremely easy to carry around

Cons of the Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen:

1.Not easily available in India

My Rating: 5/5!

Do I recommend the Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen?

If you ever get your hands on this product, I am sure it would never disappoint you! I totally recommend this effective and user friendly Tarte Pearly Girl Teeth Whitening Pen 🙂



Review by- Rhea Dadra

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