WetBrush The Original Detangler Review

WetBrush The Original Detangler Review-

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I am not a hair brush person TBH. I have a TBS wooden wide toothed comb for around 5(!!!) years now & it gently combs my very thin, fragile hair while its wet & dry both. So I never felt I needed a brush to rip out my already fragile hair. But I had never had long hair before so this arrangement worked fine. Now, its a different story. Be it a braid, a bun or a ponytail, my hair gets horribly tangled when I wake up in the morning & its NOT fun to spend so much time trying to untangle it while my fractious 9 month old screams in the background. Enter, the very famous WetBrush.

WetBrush The Original Detangler Review

WetBrush The Original Detangler Review

What WetBrush Says-

An innovation in hair care, The Original Detangler has totally transformed our locks (and lives)! Detangling in mere minutes, this (let’s be honest, fairly ordinary looking) brush is the secret to happy hair, healthy scalp, and no more mornings spent wrestling (crying) over that nape-of-the-neck dread that’s developed… Lightweight and easy to wield, The Original Detangler seamlessly separates all knots and tats without compromising precious strands. This is all due to the revolutionary ‘Intelliflex’ technology; the thin, strong yet super flexible bristles have brains – yielding or unbending as required – to glide through tangles with next-to-no tugging, tearing or tress distress. What’s more, the ball-tip bristles are perfect for gently stimulating circulation near the scalp, to better feed your follicles and encourage new growth.

Price: 11.99 GBP for the original size, 6.99 GBP for the mini & 14.99 GBP for the shine enhancer variant in UK.

My take on the WetBrush The Original Detangler-

The original version of the WetBrush comes in 3 different colors- black, hot pink & purple & I went for the purple. It is a bright purple color & looks sleek, sturdy & nice yet quite lightweight. It looks & feels nice but nothing extraordinary (as they have themselves said :D)

WetBrush The Original Detangler in Purple

WetBrush The Original Detangler in Purple

The bristles are firm yet tender which I loved & was quite surprised that my sensitive scalp hardly felt anything when I dragged it through my crow’s nest hair one particularly busy morning. It did detangle my hair very quickly (in a couple of strokes in fact) & I managed to tie my hair super fast before rushing to do my chores.

On my wet hair too, I have used it numerous times & have been really happy at how gentle it is & makes no difference in my regular hair fall when I comb with my wooden comb.

WetBrush The Original Detangler

WetBrush The Original Detangler

I have used the cult Tangle Teezer on & off for many years but it did cause me to lose more hair while brushing so I usually avoid using it unless I am out with my compact one in my bag. I like the WetBrush far more for being gentle on hair & tough on my tangles ^_^

Pros of the WetBrush The Original Detangler:

1> Sleek, sturdy yet lightweight brush with gentle bristles.

2> Firm yet tender bristles which does not hurt even sensitive scalps.

3> Detangles hair very quickly without being rough on hair.

4> For all hair types.

5> Gentle enough for combing wet, fragile hair as well.

Cons of the WetBrush The Original Detangler:

Quite pricey.

My Rating: 4.8/5!

Do I recommend the WetBrush The Original Detangler?

WetBrush The Original Detangler is a pricey hair brush undoubtedly, but something you do need if you have long hair prone to tangles (which I am guessing most of us are prone to). It detangles hair remarkably well & quickly without being rough on hair. Recommended!


Review by- Agni

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