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Not everybody is as privileged to follow their dreams and choose a career that they have a passion for. After working as an Architect for 4 yrs,this is what I chose to do. A full time blogger now, life couldn’t have been any better.

The journey from “I” to “We”

Started in OCT 2011, ETM was more of a personal space for me to write on anything and everything that came to my mind. Never knew it is going to reach so far. It is still the same in the sense that I share anything that is exciting…but now it has turned into a platform for many to share their thoughts and view point as well.

Testing out new products and helping people chose wisely is something I used to do a lot.The only difference was, I could guide my friends only. Having ETM helps, as it is for every single girl out there. Having  people around in the writing team ensures people get to know the feedback from different people with different skin type, tone and choices.

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