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Simple Home Remedies for Clearer & Brighter Skin!

Simple Home Remedies for Clearer & Brighter Skin! In the present generation, the world is defined by outward appearance. It is a fact that people consider beauty to be a very important aspect of our being. For this reason, in today’s world people are ...Read More

Super Easy DIY Natural Face Masks for Winter

Super Easy DIY Natural Face Masks for Winter- Although we Indians wait impatiently for winter to arrive every year, we definitely do not wait for all the dryness and dullness that it brings along. Yes, we have a number of moisturizers to cope with ...Read More

DIY: Tinted Lip Balm

Why don’t you DIY: Tinted Lip Balm Hey there lovelies!!! Winters have made their ways in and we ladies with dry and parched lips cannot stock up enough lip balms. I have one Baby lip each in my wallet, sling bag, on the dresser ...Read More

DIY: Lash Brow Serum

DIY Lash Brow Serum You know what irks me the most when it comes to mascaras? Finding a formula that lengthen and voluminises without clumping is hard enough but the damn tube only has a shelf life of 3 months! Whether you pick up ...Read More

DIY Mermaid Curls

DIY Mermaid Curls Every now and then I always look for ways to give my hair a new look, one such attempts is what my today’s DIY is all about. Beautiful mermaid wavy beach curls. My earlier DIY on curls using paper is here. ...Read More

DIY Step by Step Eyeshadow Primer

Do It Yourself: Eyeshadow Primer Anyone with even a cursory interest in eye makeup knows that a good quality eye primer is absolutely integral for eye makeup to come together perfectly and last all day. After researching like a crazy person I zeroed in ...Read More

DIY: No Heat Easy Curls Using Paper

DIY No heat easy curls using paper I have super smooth silky soft straight tresses, while I thank my mom a gazillion times for the beautiful hair which I got it from her genes, there is no day I haven’t envied lasses with flattering ...Read More

DIY : Five Au Naturel Exfoliants

Do It Yourself: Five All Natural Exfoliants (Scrubs) Even as a kid my mom made sure that I used a the trusty Everyuth Walnut Scrub atleast once a week. When I became a mini oil factory in my teenage years I took to using ...Read More

Easy DIY Home Remedies To Remove Tan

Say Hello to summers I love summers…..yessss…summers for me are so full of life and refreshing…floral clothes with loads of accessories, street hopping with chocolate ice-creams and long walks in midnights..woww just perfect. 🙂 But with summers comes the pain of tanning or skin ...Read More

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